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Reframing Abundance: Recognizing It as a Natural State of the Universe

The true Nature of Abundance.. would love to see more money in your bank account, more clothes in your cupboard, more petrol in your car, more exotic food on your table and and and and..

The thing Is..when you start realising that you can create anything sometimes seems to be very 'hard' to do. You see are told manifest this, manifest that...but for some it just seems like it keeps being a far of dream..

Why is that..

It might be for you that you are seeking abundance yet you do not perceive abundance EVERYWHERE.....? Nature is sooooo abundant... and if you miss understanding that it starts with the awareness of blessings being will keep being difficult. Have you realised that wherever you look there is abundance... Go stand on the grass...abundant.. Look at the corn fields....abundant.. Flowers...abundant.. leaves falling in autumn...abundant.. lavender fields...abundant.. weeds....abundant...

When you start seeing abundance around you and start noticing with will agree that nature is abundant...every where you look...notice.

This is such a good example of how to shift your awareness to the universe being abundant and functioning as abundance as a law. The universe responds to the frequency and is abundant..

So when you start noticing that you will become aware that lack is not part of what the universe speaks...

Take time today and really look at the stars... look around you.. notice abundance... shift your consciousness and ascend to see the truth about your abundance.. your natural nature.. and no matter what your 3 D reality looks like.. Keep shifting your awareness to you being just like Nature.. God's nature.. abundance.



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