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"Embracing Abundance: My Personal Journey to Unlocking a Universal Mindset"

In life, we often find ourselves searching for ways to enhance our existence, striving for a state of abundance that goes beyond material possessions. My exploration into the realm of abundance led me to a profound realization - true abundance stems from living from the notion of I AM .

Embracing the Abundance Within

As I delved deeper into understanding the concept of abundance, I uncovered the power of the Universal Abundance 'Beingness'. It is not merely about acquiring wealth or possessions but about recognizing the infinite possibilities that surround us when we tap into the essence of who we are. The phrase I AM carries immense significance as it affirms our connection to the universe and the abundance it holds.

Universal Abundance

The Transformative

Power of Self-Affirmation

FROM your true eternal nature

Affirmations play a crucial role in shaping our reality. By affirming statements such as "I am abundant" or "I attract prosperity," we align our thoughts and energy with the frequency of abundance - OUR TRUE STATE. When we do Affirmations it is not from a 'babbling' words that sound right. It is more of an awareness of who you are and then taking a moment to awaken to that which is already within YOU.

When you take a pause, a breath....then become aware of all that you are as already being available to YOU, it is a different state. When you affirm from this position YOU do not convince yourself of something that feels separate from you already to show is more of a becoming aware of the truth of whatever you are affirming for already being here NOW.

It is not something you have to try and obtain by repeating affirmations that at times, especially when you do not yet see it in your life experience, feels very far off and separate from you. It is not about trying to say affirmations enough to convince yourself to believe it, but more of a recognising what is already right here NOW. A acknowledging, a knowing, and a confirming.

When you use it this way, I am affirmations becomes a way you are being, because it is who YOU are.

One can also play a game...

When you go throughout your day, as Brian Scott said, ONE can play a 'Matching UP' game to keep it playful.

When you notice and become aware of thinking something like 'I am not going to get this or that done', you play the Game of looking for the match that is your perfection, your true eternal identity and rather change it to: 'I am in easy and everything aligns for me so i get things done with ease and grace',


'I am struggling every month and never have enough money to pay the bills' - instead to align with who you are....'I am amazed at how much money is always available to me at the end of the month'


'My kids never care for me or contact me' to

'My kids love being around me and are always in touch with me. We have an amazing relationship'

This way you are always confirming TRUTH and bringing forth your highest purpose.

The scripture state that we should ALWAYS think on good things, because that confirms the our true identity and as we do that it also shows up!

Authentic Living

Embracing the Journey Ahead

As I continue on this transformative journey of unlocking the Universal Abundance 'Beingness', I am filled with a sense of empowerment and liberation. The realization that abundance is not something external to chase but an inherent part of who we are has reshaped my perspective on life. I invite you to embark on this journey with me and embrace the boundless abundance that awaits when we live authentically from I AM .

This blog post explores the profound impact of embracing the Universal Abundance 'Beingness' and living authentically from the I AM perception. By unlocking our true essence and affirming our connection to the universe, we open the floodgates to abundance in its purest form. Let's walk this path together and bask in the limitless opportunities that await.

This blog post is brought to you by Quantum You, your partner in personal transformation through our online Community Movement.

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