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Phillip McKenzie

Phillip Arron McKenzie has traveled the globe and is an International conference speaker, Certified Meditation Teacher and Life Coach. He has assisted many leaders to resolve complicated life challenges through the gifting of intuition and insight. Phillip has over 20 years working with others to see them step into their highest self through interpreting their dreams into manifested reality. Through deep connection to Source, Phillip is able to step into your dream and see the gold within the unique landscape of each dream. Phillip offers effortless and simple guidance through their dreams that unlocks a wealth of new opportunities to achieve new found freedom to every individual.

Phillip resides with his wife Daniela and two Yorkshire terriers in Switzerland where he enjoy long walks along Lake Zurich and hikes in the Alps.

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Dream Interpretation

We live in a world where it has become incredibly important to be guided by what cannot be perceived in your awakened state and discover the hidden gold within your dreams. Dream Scapes is your source for deciphering, decoding and understanding what your dreams are communicating about you, your relationships and business. Every dream hold keys to a source of information which has the potential to unlock an exciting fresh approach to your life. We were given these amazing abilities to go beyond the conscience state and access what God/Source is communicating to you in your dream life to activate you to the life you always dreamed of.

Through deciphering, decoding your dreams together, my clients have experienced the following:

  • Clarity & understanding of hidden challenges  held by the sub-conscience and a plan of action to bring restoration to your past or current relationships.

  • Unveil sub-conscious thoughts and habitual patterns which have created fears, blocks, blind spots, poor health, and overall depression and addictions.

  • Activating joy, peace and direction to the gold inside of you- using dreams to build a plan of action and engage with enlightenment, how to use your dreams as a guide, focus.

  • Greater awareness and focus of your higher purpose and alignment with oneness in God/Source.

  • Bring a fresh revelation to past dream interpretations from other sources that brought fear and misalignment to your life.

  • Activate your ability to see into the energetic flow and any situations that are preventing your business from achieving company goals.

“Your vision will only become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens.”  -Carl Jung

What is dream interpretation?

Dream interpretation is the art of deciphering, decoding and awakening one to the meaning of their dream. Dreams are a unique source of information given to every individual who has the ability to recall what they dream. Every night during sleep, every individual will have around four to five dream episodes, which can last between 15 and 40 minutes.
Dreams are beautiful messages whether they seem negative, destructive or outrageously complex, they are meant to awaken you to your full potential inside of you.



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